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installation prize_

_ # d r o p p e d
15 March

I'm Wendy. I'm sarcastic, narcissistic, vain, loud, and you probably wont like me. I am fascinated with beauty & synthetics. I hate when people talk in shorthand. I like girls. I hate homophobes, and I am incredibly judgemental and picky about whom I befriend. I don't hate anybody. Except Courtney Love, because her face is the epitome of hideous, and makes me want to induce vomitting.

I'm very materialistic, and no matter what I have I will always want more. I never desire what I cannot have. I bite off more than I can chew, but I swallow like a man. I like music a lot. I like designing clothes, but I'm way too lazy to make them myself. I'm full of myself, & have high expectations of the people who surround me. I like having money. I hate earning it. I like being spoiled by my friends and I like getting presents. I like hearing bad news, because good news is boring and predictable. I don't like thinking about my future, because I live now, not in the future. I don't believe in aliens, I'm an athiest, but not because it's cool. I don't do drugs. They're stupid. I don't drink. I like to be bluntly honest, because it's funny. I hate people who lie.

I hate when people are mean to me, but I love being mean to other people. I like debating. I hate screaming music. I hate strippers, and no, not because they are prettier than me/make more money than me/steal my boyfriend. I think they are dirty. I love Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, & Dita Von Teese. I love Germany. I hate France. I hate speaking french, & I don't like french people. I was born in North Carolina, and if you make fun of North Carolina just to piss me off, I won't talk to you.

& that's basically it.