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i found out today that my ex boyfriend's new gf has been reading my journal & telling him everything that's been going on with my life, as if it's any of their business.

But, whatever. i meant to do this a long ass time ago, but I'm gonna start it now for sure.

My journal is now friends only & it'll stay that way.

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i get to stay in this bullshit hotel until i leave to go back home next week. i feel like there's a million bugs staring at me. o_o

i hate out of town shows so much.

at least they have hi-speed wireless!

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im grumpy,.. pms much?


nothing is going good today..

to sum it all up..

i almost got into a head-on because this idiot was racing another idiot & i almost couldnt stop.

die, idiot, die.

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so i'm gonna try & update this more, promise.

ive been on myspace a lot lately. that site is insanely addicting.

if any of you guys have it, add me. my thingie is,..

i really need to get out today. ive been lazy after i got home sunday. ive been sitting on my ass & doing a lot of nothing.

i think im gonna go wash my car.

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alright alright. a real update.
so, i've been modelling a lot & going everywhere possible. i'm glad to be home.
i'm talking to a guy named rex. he seems pretty okay. we'll see where that goes, if it goes anywhere.
i got a new camera, & then it didn't work but once, so we took it back. haven't tried getting a new one since.
three pictures came out of the new cameraCollapse )
does anyone know any good webcams, if there is any.
i would get a digital but i don't have the money for those.

and she says take me away and take me farther.

i don't really know what else to say. haha.


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i finally got some time to myself. woo. ill try & update my journal as much as possible this week, because ill be home as far as im concerned.

happy easter lovelies. <3

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been a while since i've updated,.. my apologies. i've had a mild case of the flu & bad migraines so staring at a cpu screen just wasn't my cup of tea.

i'm better now. so that's all good.

how are you all?

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I have a stupid stomach virus. :|

I got a myspace,.. It's new & I'm learning how to do HTML & shit,.. but add me if you have one & I'll figure out how to add you.


If anyone feels like helping me, please do? :)